«We meet future energy!» Cycle of the thematic fund exhibitions in the Library of Elbassy

«We meet future energy!»

Cycle of the thematic fund exhibitions in the Library of Elbassy


On May 30, 2017 in the building of the museum of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy took place opening of the cycle of the thematic fund exhibitions «We meet future energy!», dedicated to the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017.

The fund exhibitions are organized in the limits of the museology program «Museum collection» to show the fine examples of the Kazakh culture in the context of world historical and cultural heritage. The collections are valuable, because they are results of multidimensional activity of the First President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev realizing the concept of modern statehood on the basis of constructive cooperation with the world community.

The deputy director of the Library of Elbassy Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov in his speech noted: «The museology program «Museum collection» is aimed at studying and promoting of unique exhibits from the funds of Library of the First President of Kazakhstan – Elbassy in the thematic directions and collections. Separate collections are already presented in constant expositions in the buildings of Library and Museum.

This cycle of exhibitions is various; many of works are presented to the wide audience for the first time. We chose the collections to be shown expecting EXPO-2017. So we decided to show the fine examples of the Kazakh culture in the context of world historical and cultural heritage».

The deputy director of the Library of Elbassy Kulyaysha Aktaeva made a speech for Mass Media and noted that «in 2012 Astana was chosen to host "EXPO 2017" and for Kazakhstan it was the most important step of civilized entry into the world community of the states: «Opening the cycle of the fund exhibitions, we haven't incidentally called it "We meet future energy!». On the one hand EXPO will open wide opportunities for various branches of our national economy. On the other hand, we would like the guests arrived to the exhibition to see not only modern Astana, but also various sides of history and culture of our multinational people, achievements of multivector foreign policy which are successfully projected through the prism of the museum collections of Library of Elbassy.

The guests arrived to Kazakhstan from any point of the world can see everything, that our country is proud, to look through the 25th anniversary history with rich events, which we have passed as the country forming the specific way of the state development. On the first floor the visitors can see a small, but, very pompous exhibition dedicated to the unique historical and cultural masterpiece – the Great steppe. The Great steppe was not only a transit way for the Great Silk Road, but created an original nomadic civilization.

On the second floor is presented a small part of the rich collection of silver. All history of our diplomatic contacts found reflection at the exhibition through fine diplomatic gifts which have the high art level of execution.

The communication between spiritual and material culture of all people takes the logical conclusion at the exhibition of the musical instruments placed on the 3rd floor. Every picture has an important cultural text; that is why we chose the pictures from the art collection for this exhibition.

So our fund collection is interesting because it shows features of the Kazakh culture and ideology, but in very large and multilayered circle of all humanity».

It is a major event. The guests of the museum got acquainted with the fund exhibitions placed on three floors:

At the exhibition «Masterpieces of the Great steppe» (1 floor. Hall of Press hall) are presented the works of arts and crafts and art creativity of Kazakhstan masters, and also the objects from other museum collections, which have the reflection of the spiritual and esthetic heritage of the Great steppe nomad’s civilization. In particular, at the exhibition will be presented such integral symbols of traditional culture as the Kazakh jewellery made of silver, souvenir compositions, household items and horse equipment made of leather and felt. The art works of recognized domestic masters of the fine arts have a specific place among the exhibits.

A particular interest of the visitors had the works of the famous artist, a member of the Artists’ Union of Kazakhstan Gulmira Telgoziyeva: «I am a native of Astana and for me this event has a special value. EXPO will show to the whole world our love and warm to Astana. Our city has such energy which inspires all artists and creative people.

Every artist has to grow: intellectually, creatively, spiritually. So his works will not be empty and they can «breath». Only in this way an artist can create the works to be shown to the whole world without shame».

Silver has a specific place in culture of many people, thanks to beauty, «magic» properties and functionality. The collection of the diplomatic gifts made of silver is various according to the contents and illustrates multivector foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. They were handed to N. A. Nazarbayev at different times. The silver works are presented at the exhibition «Everlasting shine of silver» (2 floor). They reflect the origin of the works, various techniques, shape of the works, allow understanding and studying more deeply the traditional ways of decor of different peoples of the world.

For the first time the exhibition «Musical instruments of people of the world» (3 floor) presents to a wide audience the collection of musical instruments of different countries and periods. The musical instruments furnish the clue to outlook of various cultures and civilization types. Kobyz and dombra are traditional musical instruments of the Kazakh people. They have many meanings, cultural "codes" of spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people.

«Olympic Movement» exhibition is on the 4th floor in the Dome hall. It is a unique exhibition, showing the sport achievements of independent Kazakhstan on the basis of personal funds of Olympic champions, archive and heads of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The museum of the Library of Elbassy shows the citizens and guests of the capital of EXPO 2017 all variety and richness of the funds.


Cycle of fund exhibitions «We meet future energy!» will be till August 31, 2017