Creative holiday «Energy of Good» for children with developmental needs

Creative holiday «Energy of Good» for children with developmental needs


On June 23, 2017, in the Museum of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, was held a creative holiday «Energy of Good» for children with developmental needs, within the framework of the annual art-therapy session «Fascinating world of art».

The event was organized by Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, PA «Disabled children society of Astana», psychological centre «My revival» and timed to the opening of International specialized exhibition «Astana EXPO-2017».

The deputy director of the Elbasy Library Botagoz Kaipova in her opening speech noted that this project has been implemented for ten years: «The traditional art-therapeutic project is realized with our partners: Disabled children society of Astana, center for development of disabled children «Balam-ay», and this year also with psychological centre «My revival». Today, within the framework of the International exhibition «EXPO-2017» on the theme «Future Energy», taking place in our capital, we organized a holiday «Energy of Good» for children with special features of development. The guests who came to us today, basically, do not leave the house. Therefore, this project is aimed to making them feel like a part of the Kazakhstan society and understand that they also can contribute to such an important task as the popularization of the exhibition «Astana Expo-2017». Unfortunately, these guys can not, as their peers run and frolic, because by some factors of life, each of them limited. Our task is create for them an environment in which they can feel themselves full citizens».

Work with children with disabilities is an important page in the activities of the Elbasy Library. Children with special characteristics in development are the most vulnerable in social, physiological and psychological terms. The involvement of «special children» to visual arts, active artistic creation, use of museum space features and art-therapeutic methods of work contribute to overcoming by them limitations and isolation, self-esteem increasing and social adaptation.

Professional teachers and psychologists took part in the action. The team of social pedagogues, parents has long passed from honorary guests – to the category of friends-partners to create a holiday aura for «special children».

- Today is a special day for special children. We want to give children a holiday and attach them to such event as «Astana Expo-2017». We will introduce them with the heroes of EXPO and they will decorated petals of the logo by palm and fingers, symbolizing three sources of energy. We have nurtured the program so that the children feel that each of them is talented in something and realized that together we can do more, - commented the event director of the Psychological centre «My revival» Alvina Yusupova.

On a plan of organizers, the joint medical session at the Museum of the Elbasy Library was intended to promote the introduction of alternative programs for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities, draw public attention to the problems with which faced «special children».

The event will have both therapeutic and aesthetic character. Creative team of the Children's Music School No. 1 presented to the children their musical creations. The most positive emotions were presented to the guests by a magic sand show. After the psychological training «I and my team», the children took part in the group work of the creative workshop – through the animators in the image of talismans of the exhibition, symbolizing the sun, water and earth they painted on the canvases the petals of the «EXPO-2017» logo. Then was held the presentation of the executed drawings. The holiday ended with a fun soap bubble show.

In memory of a holiday and visit the museum the children received gifts and books.