Educational work

«First of all a man must be upbrought, than taught, because knowledge
without upbringing – enemy, who first or last betrays him».
                                                                              Al - Farabi
«Kazakhstan patriotism - this is the realized responsibility of each citizen
for fate, safety, and future of its Motherland. Respect of all compatriots,
independently of the nationality and confessions, to the official language and
symbols of state, customs, traditions, history and culture, languages of the people
of Kazakhstan. Love for the native land, the realization of
Kazakhstan as the united Motherland for all citizens».
State program of
patriotic upbringing of citizens of the
Republic of Kazakhstan
for 2006-2008 yy.

      Museum educational program

      Museum educational program of Museum consists of three educational projects:

1."Political initiatives N.A. Nazarbayev in the formation and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan";
2."History and culture of Kazakhstan";
3."Child and culture".


      Program is the cooperation of Museum, state structures and educational institutions according to the formation Kazakhstan patriotism and civic consciousness, upbringing historical consciousness and culture of society. Moreover the number of visitors is increased because of holding such educational measures for civil servants, deputies, students and professors.

      During the realization of Educational program there are salvations of following tasks:

1. Propaganda of museum collection, archive materials, concerning state and public activity of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2. Assistance in methodic to the teachers and professors of institutions of higher education, colleges and academies, also the authors of museum lessons.
3. Establishment the best ways of interrelation between Museum and partners for cultural and educational activity: kindergartens, middle and single schools, colleges, universities, state institutions and scientific development and production center.

      The ways of holding lessons are different. They are:

1. Museum lessons.
2. Lesson-excursion over the halls of Museum.
3. Meetings with the state and public figures of Kazakhstan.
4. Lectures.
5. Trainings in the studio of the decorative and applied arts.
6. Planners.
7. Master-classes.
8. Art-classes.
9. Consultations.
10. Discussions.
11. Business games.
12. Debates.
13. Seminars.
14. Special courses.
15. Competitions, etc.

Centre of Museum pedagogy 
Council of the teachers