The Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is situated in the former Residence of the President. The museum suits the landscape of the city. Its dominant is a blue dome with the flag of the sovereign Kazakhstan.
      The architecture of façade is made in strict monumental forms. There are offices of the president and his employees, halls where hold meetings on the top level: Dome hall, Hall of official ceremonies, Council Security hall, Hall used for meetings of the President with the representatives of international, government and non-government organizations, Meeting hall.
      Nothing changed there: inner appointments and interior of the halls are the same. Gilded carving furniture made to special order, lighting system, decorative finishing of walls and ceilings are very interesting and delight.
      The museum expositions show the most important stages in the making of sovereign Kazakhstan and tell about life and activity of the First President.
      Archive-hand-written, printed materials, cinema and photo documents, books, art works, weapons, personal things and documents, works of N.A.Nazarbaev, unique awards collection of the President and many other things are represented in halls of the museum:

  • “Independent Kazakhstan”
  • “Atameken”
  • “State symbols of RK”
  • “Institution of Presidency of RK”
  • “Council Security hall”
  • “Gifts to the President of RK”

Welcome to the museum!