"Sport victories of Kazakhstan"

      The fourth floor. Exposition "Sport victories of Kazakhstan"

      The exposition tells about the chronicle of glorious victories of the champions of Kazakhstan and history of the development of sport in the country. A particular interest has sport equipment and trophies of Olympic champions, world champions and winners of the VII Winter Asian games: wreath of B.Artayev, belts of V. Zhirov and M. Mazimbayev, boxing gloves of S. Sapiev, “gold” bicycle which was presented to the President Nursultan Nazarbayev by Alexander Vinokurov, Andrey Kashechkin and Asan Bazayev, set of medals of the VII Winter Asian games and other unique exhibits. 
      At the exposition is presented famous “iron horse”, bike of Dmitriy Petrukhin on which he made a travel over 80 countries of the world, having overcome a way of 200 000 kilometers – for what he was included in Guinness Book of Records. The exposition allows to be convinced that an active civil position, love for the Motherland and self-sacrificing labour of the citizens of Kazakhstan make the real sport victories of Kazakhstan.