Today in the Museum of Library of Elbassy took place Kazakhstan-Japanese expert meeting on questions of social, economic and political interaction.

Kazakhstan-Japanese expert meeting in Library of Elbassy

Today in the Museum of Library of Elbassy took place Kazakhstan-Japanese expert meeting on questions of social, economic and political interaction. The meeting takes place within the program of bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Japan. It follows the results of the official visit of the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to Japan in 2016.

The deputy director of Library of Elbassy Timur Shaimergenov noted that during the meeting the wide range of questions was discussed: features of history, state development of Kazakhstan, advantages of the geographic position, etc.

– About five years ago Japan wasn’t interested in our country. Nowadays we are connected with Japan through the railway. It starts from Almaty to Lianyungang port in China and one day to the Japanese port of Osaka. Today our countries have considerable opportunities for economic and technological cooperation. That is why the Japanese investors are really interested in Kazakhstan. In May of last year we were in Japan and noticed that there was a great demand for information about Kazakhstan. Japanese know about Russia and China much, but practically know nothing about that large country between them. They are interested in directions of our way, how we use the advantages, what kind of economic and political reforms we make? These are standard questions of the investors, the people interested in development of the bilateral relations. They were very much surprised by many initiatives of the President N. Nazarbayev. For example, that since the first days of independence Kazakhstan approved the borders and signed the treaty with the neighbours. It helped to avoid many problematic issues. We refused nuclear weapon. It also unites us with Japan, because as well as Kazakhstan, Japan very strongly suffered from nuclear explosions. Japanese are surprised by harmony in multiethnic and multi-religious Kazakhstan society. It was interesting for them to know that according to Bolashak program about 70% go to study to the English-speaking countries. They were surprised that in 25 years Kazakhstan has the whole generation of English speaking people. It is also a factor for them because nowadays English is language of the international business and communication.

It was interesting for the Japanese guests to visit the Museum of Library of Elbassy. The professor Katsumata Midio noted that almost all members of delegation were for the first time in Kazakhstan.– A result of this meeting the fact that our Japanese colleagues saw that Kazakhstan is not a simple country and it can't be considered as a stereotype, it is impossible to look at us through lenses of the western political economy and political science. They saw that the main reasons for the increasing authority and role of Kazakhstan in the system of the international relations are strong political leadership of our President and the people who optimistically look forward – Timur Tulegenovich summarized.

– I read about Kazakhstan much and imagined that it is the country of nomads. But I have seen what I didn't expect in any way. It is a modern developing country. I like very much your youth – they are purposeful, educated, vigorous. It was pleasant for me to visit the museum. Your President worked there, your capital started there. I want to express gratitude for the informative and interesting excursion in the Museum.